Calibrated Playwood


Calibrated Plywood is a type that boasts invariant consistence and evenness, all thanks to the state- of- the- art machines used for its manufacturing.

Thus, It’s the stylish product forpost-lamination processes and casting modular cabinetwork.

likewise, the top- notch estimation process gives it asuper-smooth face, making it an assiduity favourite!

For times, the plywood assiduity has been using amiss processes without ultramodern ministry to producesub-par plywood for the nation.

With this plywood, we can now produce world- class products without counting on significances from foreign countries.

Process of Producing Calibrated Plywood

It’s re-sanded with a broad belt sanding machine.


The finished output is a perfectly calibrated plywood.


Benefits, Uses and Applications of Calibrated Plywood

  • The uniform thickness allows for optimum post-lamination.
  • Post-forming furniture and modular kitchens are among the best applications for this material.
  • It is the best wood for the kitchen, fire-prone places, etc.
  • An excellent engineering process allows for precise finishing and zero-surface gaps between the core and the surface.
  • We can produce water-proof, fire-resistant, flexy plywood and other products using calibrated ply
  • They are best suited to make modular furniture and modular kitchens.
  • It is an excellent candidate for sofas and tables.
  • A good option to use as wooden shutters.
  • Suitable for wooden flooring.
  • Its uniform thickness and evenness along with minimal to no warping make this plywood the ideal material for industrial uses similar to shuttering plywood, BWP Marine Plywood, etc.
  • They are well suited for production of modular furniture and modular kitchens.
  • It is an excellent material for sofas and tables.
  • It is a fantastic choice for wooden shutters.
  • It is suitable for wooden floors.
  • It is perfect for industrial applications such as shuttering plywood, BWP Marine Plywood, and so on because of its uniform thickness, evenness, and low to no warping.

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