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School furniture, Bedroom furniture, Marine furniture are the prominent sectors that are influenced by our products.


About Hunt Plywood

At Huntplywood, we single-mindedly strive to attain unparalleled leadership in the vertical of interior design through delivering quality products and services.


Carrying forward our rich legacy, we aspire to become the most admired wood-based company through innovation and excellence in customer service.


In the future, we aim to continuously invest in technology to bring innovative and sustainable products for our clients.

Our Approach

Responsibility is a solid part of our business and we have set our standards high. We offer high quality products that are safe, sustainable, durable and carry third-party certifications.


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Our Values


Give a decent product at a fair price and in an honest fashion. If you’re unhappy in any way we will do our stylish to resolve.


we seek to maintain the loftiest of norms in delicacy in everything we do, from the taking of your order.


As a company, we exercise flexibility. However, talk to us and we can work together for a result If you need corrections.


We value the trust and confidence of our guests, and we believe that translucency plays a huge part in this. From inquiry, order placement, slice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our plywood can be supplied as full boards, and most plywoods are available in a choice of sizes or you can have the plywood cut to your own specifications. Standard plywood sizes are typically 2440 x 1220 mm, with thicknesses available ranging from 4 mm right up to 30 mm for birch plywood.

Plywood prices vary depending on the specific material and size you choose. Feel free to contact us to get a quote, and we will be happy to help you and provide you with a specific price for your plywood needs.

Yes, plywood sheets can be cut to size, but to get the best results professional cutting equipment is needed, such as a Striebig Control Panel Saw. Professional cutting is best for plywood as the sheet can split while being cut to size.

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